How to Fix Microsoft office (2013 or 2016) Error 1321?

Anyone can purchase any of Microsoft Office software depending upon their needs as well as the particular specifications of the computer system, tablet, laptop, and even a mobile phone. As we all aware of the fact that Microsoft Office is one of the commonly used software and being used by the numerous computer users across the world. It is a complete package by Microsoft office that further includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Groove and other applications. A user can do a lot of tasks using Office applications because of their enhanced features and simple way to opt easily. At present, Microsoft Office is available in many different versions that are compatible with Windows and MacOS.  To use any of the Microsoft Office applications, you need to download, install and then activate it on their device. For purchasing the product of Microsoft office, you need to choose from the two options that are provided by the Microsoft:

  • Purchase Offline from any of the retail store.
  • Purchase Online from any of the Microsoft Official website.

Once you purchase the product from Microsoft, all you need to follow the other three processes, i.e., download, installation, and activation. While installing in on your computer, a user may find an “Error 1321” with a message “Setup Cannot Modify the File.” This “Error 1321” is a pervasive error many users might be found. So, to avoid these types of errors or installing the software  Without troubleshooting the error. The user can easily resolve the error by following the few steps that also save your time and efforts. Below some steps are mentioned follow the steps in ascending order-

Procedure to Fix Microsoft Office(2013 or 2016) Error 1321

During the time of download, installation or activation some Users may found an “Error 1321” which is a common error and frequently occur while you are installing the software. But the question is how to fix this issue? For fixing these type of error, you need to follow the steps that are given below. But follow these steps correctly and carefully. The procedure is mentioned below:

Step-1: Use the “File Explorer” to navigate and “Right-click” on the folder that you are installing Office too(i.e., C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office)in your system.

Step-2: Choose the “Properties“ option.

Step-3: Uncheck the “Read Only” box.

Step-4: Select the “Advanced” button.

Step-5: In “Advanced Attributes,“ ensure the “Encrypt contents to secure data” box is not checked.

Step-6:  Click on the “OK“ button.

Step-7: Then, Choose the “Security” option.

Step-8: Click on the “Edit” button.

Step-9: If “Everyone” is not in the list, then, select the “Add“ button, then type “Everyone” to add the “Everyone” group to the list.

Step-10: Click on the “OK“ button.

Step-11: With the “Everyone” selected option, check the “Allow” box on the “Full Control” line.

Step-12: click on the “OK“ button, then press “OK” button again.

Step-13: Navigate to the “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft“.

Step-14: Then again “Right-click” on the “Office” folder, then choose the option “Properties.“

Step-15: Repeat the “steps 3” through “steps 12” for the “Office” folder just like you did the “Microsoft Office” folder.

Close all open windows and try to install Microsoft Office again. Hopefully, it installs without a hitch. The above-given procedure only works if you followed it correct manner.

If you are still unable to install Microsoft on your system, then the last and best option is to connect with the Microsoft customer support. You can call them anytime as they are available for you to 24*7. There experts and technicians are always available for your instant support. Dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support for quick assistance.

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