How to fix Microsoft Office 2016 Error Code 30180-4?

Office 2016 is the major upgrade by Microsoft. Just as Windows 10 is attached to the notebook, tablets, desktops phones together and this will add some layers of intelligence in the products. Office 2016 provide their customer better combinations than the past versions of the offices. One of the latest features of Microsoft Office 2016 is that it allows their users to attach a file that is stored in share point online or one drive and one drive for businesses and give permission to data without leaving outlook.

If you are installing Office 365 or Office 2016, there might be a higher chance of “Office 2016 Error 30180-4” occurs. This “Error 30180-4” occur due to some issues in your firewall, or proxy that prohibits you from installing Microsoft office 2016. This issue faces by the users who are installing one of the latest version of Microsoft offices 2016.

Causes of Microsoft Office 2016 Error Code 30180-4

There are so many causes of “Office 2016 Error code 30180-4” But how to overcome these error is much more important than anything. Below the list mentioned of some essential causes which can occur during the time of installation.

  • The Proxy settings are enabled on your computer.
  • A preliminary version of an Office Suite.
  • An Incomplete, partial, failed repair, installation, change, removal of the Office Suite in your computer system.
  • Your antivirus security software or your firewall might be blocking the Office installation.

How to fix Microsoft Office 2016 Error Code 30180-4?

So below the list of possible solutions that you should try so that I present them here. Remember that between each solution, you’ll need to try to install Office again to check the error if it is correct or not. If it still happens, then you can simply follow these solutions, as you now know that’s not what is causing it, and then move on to the next step.

Disable your Windows Firewall

As we already mentioned this many time that this error 30180-4 occurs because of a firewall setting in your operating system. This is one of the possible cause, but it’s important that you check if it is the reason or not. We recommended for trying this solution first because it is one of the quickest and even if it doesn’t work, you can at least remove it from a probable cause.

Step-1 Click on the “Win + R” button to get to your command produce

Step-2 Then, type the word “Firewall.cpl”. Once you have typed.

Step-3 Then “Double-check” it and then click on the “Enter” button.

Step-4 By typing this simple word, the “Microsoft Windows Firewall Window” will open.

Step-5 Click on the “ Turn Windows Firewall” “On or Off” button.

Step-6 Then scroll down to the “Home or Work Network Location” options.

Step-7  Click on the “Settings and Public Network Location Settings”,

Step-8 Click again on the “Turn Off Windows Firewall”.

I know that it might be a little bit confusing that you will be clicking On to turn it off buttons again and again, but that is what you quickly resolve the “Office 2016 Error 30180-4”.

The error is entirely erased by following these steps, and you inevitably get top quality protection on your operating system by Microsoft Office 2016. If you are still trouble with the problem, then you have one of the best options for saving your precious time and efforts you have to connect with the Microsoft customer support. Microsoft customer support available to help you 24*7 with best services of their products. Dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support for quick assistance.

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