MS Office 365 is there to Enrich Teamwork across Devices

Microsoft has brought great values to the Office 365 setup that can enrich the individual users’ experience and unlock the new ways for all to create and manage content across the device. With its improved performance and features, it is experiencing extended users’ engagement. Let’s have a look how interested and impressive it has become:

Find and use apps in interested and interactive ways

With the new store, it is easy to find new apps and services as it gives the flexibility to search the application in question using category or name. Moreover, like the other chatting apps which allows you to add emoji and GIF, the suite allows to involve interactive cards from apps in conversations.

Do more in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been customize with new feature so that you can interact with the program in an easy way and enabling you to customize your work space and take quick actions when need arises.

Microsoft has also introduced a new command box to help in taking the quick action across the team because you can use this command app as a single point of entry that enhance your search and command experiences. In addition to searching across people, files, messages, and apps,you can quickly and easily perform specific tasks, interact with apps, and navigate throughout Teams directly from the command box with the help of command app.

Updates to iOS and Mac allows to work efficiently

New Office 365 capabilities for iOS and Mac enhance how teams create content together, make it easier to produce advanced documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from anywhere, and introduce new ways to search, preview, and interact with files.

Co-authoring for iOS and Mac

With availability of co-authoring in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS and Mac, MS Office 365 developers have made it easier for its users to work together across devices. Irrespective of the fact whether you are working on a Mac, PC, or mobile device, you’ll be aware of the fact who else is working with you in a document, what changes they are making, and where. Co-authoring feature was firstly available on the Office desktop applications for Windows, then, Office for Android, and Office Online and now it is available on the office for Mac as well.

Save your work automatically on Mac

Keeping in view of saving the documents in OneDrive and SharePoint, Microsoft has included AutoSave feature in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Mac for Office 365 subscribers. Now you don’t need to be worried about hitting the Save button again whether you’re working with others or alone because all your latest changes will be stored automatically in the cloud.

Drag and drop files and content on iOS

This is a great convenience that now Office and OneDriveiOS apps support drag and drop for files and content. It is very useful because integrating photos, graphs, and other objects from a variety of locations and sources is one of the most common and powerful tasks. Now iPad and iPhone users who have office 365 subscription can easily drag and drop content into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from other Office apps or OneDrive. And this feature also enables you to move files not only to and from OneDrive, but other sources as well so that you can easily organize content that is unorganized and scattered across different apps and services.

Outlook for iOS let to search across your organization

Outlook for iOS leverages the fresh search experience in the Microsoft Graph to go through your top contacts, package deliveries, upcoming travel itineraries,recent attachments, and more. It now provides personalized and consistent results along with a unified design and proactive search suggestions so that you can quickly discover information from across your organization.

OneDrive for iOS helps to preview more file types

To enable you previewing more files types, OneDrive for iOSdesigners have redesigned he app with a more detailed list view, and now you can see relevant information, sort files by specific attributes, and scan file names. The updated OneDrive for iOS app support a wide range of file typesincluding Adobe Photoshop and 3D objects along with creating crisp thumbnails. Because of this update, you don’t need to leave the app to open, view, and share content.

Access OneDrive files from more iOS apps

OneDrive for iOSsupports the new iOS 11 Files app now. This means any iOS app that supports File app integration will enable iPhone and iPad users to access, edit, save,upload, content to OneDrive or SharePoint. To make it easy to find and use the content that matters to users, users can also tag their favourite SharePoint files along with OneDrive and files from within the Files app.

Learning Tools for Mac to improve your reading experience

To enhance and improve the Mac users’ experience, Word for Mac now supports Immersive Reader and Read Aloud, tools. This is the new addition in Word for Mac that was previously available in Word for Windows and mobile apps. This is a useful tool that optimize the way you view your content highlight the reading and learning differences so that one can correct the errors while writing any document and edit accurately along with rendering reading accuracy.

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