Different Ways to Use iPad Camera for Daily Usage

Apple provides a very dynamic range of features in its products. You may not believe, but even a small camera on your iPad can do a number of tasks. There are a number of applications that require a camera to operate on iPad such as ProCam or Instagram.

iPad users can use various apps on their device to capture videos, manage the color grid, draw images or create a layout all by using a camera on your device. Some of the most useful means to utilize your iPad camera are given below. You can use these applications in your daily life to make your tasks easier.

 Adobe Capture CC

You can use this app on your iPad to do various edits to your images and pictures. Adobe Capture CC is dependent on the iPad’s camera to facilitate a number of services like patterns, brushes and themes. You can access this app by signing in with your Adobe ID, or you can use your Facebook or Gmail account as well.

 This app is free to download and provides 2 GB of storage, but with just $1.99 you can avail 20 GB of storage. All around it is quite a dynamic app with custom tools and palettes to work on.

Microsoft Office Lens

To capture images of visiting cards, school board or a document you can use the Microsoft Office Lens which requires to access your iPad camera and through which you can copy text, images which you need. It acts as a scanning machine in your hand.

You can also add different text, or you can add notes on the top of the image. Although it is capable of detecting the edges of the image which helps it in removing any glare or shine out of the picture, it is also not entirely accurate in identifying text written by hand.


If you frequently prepare notes and want them in an arranged manner, then you can opt for Padlet. By using this app, you can organize your notes on a digital wall and prepare a collage of your notes.

To arrange notes, images or videos on the Padlet you have first to select the “New board” option and then choose the “Catscan” to take a photo of your notes. Padlet automatically converts the pictures into virtual notes which you can arrange on a digital wall.  Also, you can add new notes or remove previous once from the wall.

Padlet is free to download, but it has advertisements popping up now and then. If you want to remove ads, you can do so by purchasing the premium version for $99 yearly which will also let you access 250 MB of additional storage. By adding these applications to your iPad, you can enhance your camera use and make your tasks much more achievable.

Marshall Lyne is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry from last 10 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as  office.com/setup .

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