Halo Infinite Developer Addresses Microtransaction Rumors

Halo lovers, who have been keeping a keen eye on the game’s development, came across job listings inviting applications for online experience design director at the 343 Industries. The listing had been up for almost a month before it was discovered. It is still active on the Microsoft Careers page, which indicates that the posts are yet to be occupied. This observation sparked online rumors over various forums that Halo Infinite might include some form of microtransactions.

The ad particularly mentioned that the job involves tracking player progression, engage players to return to the website, and oversee microtransactions. However, despite the concerns, there was no official statement that was released about how the gaming giant plans to make use of these microtransactions.

After a long period of speculation, which also led to fans bracing for the worst-case scenario, the studio reassured the gamers and informed them that this declaration should not come off as worrisome. The 343 community manager, Brian Jarrad, tweeted out that despite things looking unsure at the moment; fans should not get caught up with the job description and set out in a tizzy. He further clarified that the position of an “Online Experience Design Director” is a generic post and follows standard procedure in the gaming industry.

While microtransactions are a common feature of gaming, fortunately, the microtransations expected to be introduced in Halo Infinite would not be of the play-to-win kind. Chris Lee, the Studio Head for 343 later calmed the jitters by posting on Twitter that he can definitely claim that the Halo Infinity shall not include any loot boxes involving real money. Seeing this as a positive sign, fans are no longer thinking of the inclusion of microtransaction as anti-consumer. Keeping in view the recent crackdown against loot boxes by regulatory bodies, such a risky move would have led to the self-destruction of the game.

Along with the listing for the Online Experience Design Director, another interesting listing was that of a Senior Software Development Engineer. The job description mentions that Halo Infinity will also come equipped with anti-cheat security features. It is speculated that Microsoft is specifically interested in seeking solutions to set up third-party anti-cheat features. Thus, with Halo Infinite, it seems that Microsoft is all set to outdo itself. At present, we hope that 343 or Microsoft releases some form of official statement to assuage such concerns.

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