How to Add your Favorite Music apps to Google Maps

Using your phone for navigation and playing music while driving both are common activities, but this is a non-familiar, dangerous and illegal activity in many states to fiddle with your phone while driving.

Google has added a new feature in Google Maps which will definitely help and saves you from navigating apps to change the music. With this, you can add and use your favorite music app into Google Maps and play, pause or change playlist without leaving the navigation. Both iOS and Android users can use this on their device.

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Here’s how to do this on your iPhone or Android device.

Quick Summary,

  1.    Open ‘Google Maps.’
  2.    Go to Maps Settings.
  3.    Access to Navigation Settings.
  4.    Switch on the sliding switch of ‘Show Media Playback Controls.’
  5.    Select your ‘Default Media’ app.

How to sync Music app to Google Maps

Note: If you’ve recently updated your Google Maps and you opened it for the first time then you’ll see a black banner in Navigation Mode. Tap on it to set up a default music app to play through Google Maps.

If you’ll skip this or the black banner does not appear then to sync the Music app manually follow the steps,

On iPhone:

  1.    Open the ‘Google Maps.’ (Update the app from App Store if it is not)
  2.    Tap on the ‘hamburger menu’ button at the top of the Screen.
  3.    Then, Tap on ‘Settings’ (small gear) icon on the right.
  4.    Tap on ‘Navigation.’ It should be on top in the settings.
  5.    Tap on the ‘Music Playback controls’ button. It will open up a list of the compatible apps.
  6.    Pick a default app (Spotify).

(If you want to add Apple Music to Google Maps then you will also need to allow the ‘Media & Apple Music’ into the iOS Settings menu.)

  1.    Authorize your account, if asked.

On Android:

  1.    Open the ‘Google Maps.’ (Update the app from Google Play Store if it is not)
  2.    Swipe the screen from left-hand side to open the menu.
  3.    Tap on ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the list.
  4.    Scroll and tap on ‘Navigation Settings.’
  5.    Toggle on the ‘Media Playback Controls’ switch. It will open up a list of all available services.
  6.    Pick an app (Spotify) from the lists.
  7.    Authorized, if asked.

How to control Music Selection

After successfully adding an app to Google Maps you can directly control it from the Maps app. when you are using Navigation on Google Maps, a small Music widget appears with displaying the currently playing track below to the estimated time of arrival.

On Android: tap on that button to browse Google Play music, Google Maps will be still visible in the corner of your phone screen tap on it to go back to map.

On iPhone: tap on the music button under the estimated time of arrival this will take you to the music app to find new music and then return to Google Maps.

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