How to Prevent Windows 10 from Installing Unwanted Store Apps?

No need to describe Windows 10 service and its inbuilt features. All the features are amazing and popular amongst the Windows 10 users. Now, Windows 10 comes with some pre-installed Store apps. So this post will help you to prevent the installation, reinstallation or updation of unwanted or uninvited Microsoft Store apps. With the help of this post, you can easily stop the advertisements and notifications for all these apps.

As we know that the Microsoft launched Windows 10 as a Service. So because of this, Microsoft stands at a place where it can deliver promotional offers, services, apps and other free components. This concept made the Windows 10 initially free for the consumers and at the same time helped Microsoft make some money out of it.

Microsoft declared that they had signed a contract with King. It is a developer of the game named- Candy Crush games, in 2015.

As, the Microsoft is releasing some latest feature updates of Windows 10 feature with UWP Windows 10 apps like- Twitter, Photoshop, 3D Builder, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, etc. have started to come pre-installed with Windows 10.

Some users reported on the online communities that these pre-installed bloatware apps are consuming 750 MB of storage on a hard disk partition where it is installed. Usually, it takes up the OS partition that is again often the Local Disk C partition. All of these features are fetched automatically with an upgraded version from the Microsoft Store without the user’s consent and happen in the background.

While you can be seen this download progress in the Downloads and Updates section of the Microsoft Store. A number of the users end up not noticing it. But this is not the case for each of the user.

By removing of all these previous options, you can get rid of the usage of some modifications of Settings inside of Windows 10.

Some Steps to Prevent Windows 10 from Installing Uninvited Apps:-

  • First of all, prevent the Windows 10 from giving you recommendations for other apps and services.
  • To do this, open the Settings app from the Start Menu or type the WIN Key + I key combination.
  • Click on the menu called Personalize.
  • Then click on the Start on the side menu on the left.
  • Go to the right side panel, and a toggle will show you suggestions occasionally in Start, turn it Off.
  • Windows 10 will prevent show you notification for different apps and services.
  • Then stop their downloads in the background as well.
  • For this go to the Microsoft Store and click on the menu on the right top corner denoted by three dots.
  • Then click on the Settings.
  • There will be a toggle labeled as Update apps automatically, turn it Off.
  • It will stop the background installation of all these pre-installed bloatware apps on your Windows 10.

Besides this, if you want to get any apps suggestions on your Windows 10 then you can also try to disable the other two options as- Live Tile support and the Video Autoplay can get both of them in the settings section of Microsoft Store.

We hope that after following the instructions as mentioned earlier, you will probably make your Windows 10 computer free from these annoying notifications and advertisements and the unauthorized installation of the pre-installed bloatware apps.

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