Uses of Google Keep in Everyday Life

Nowadays, we have numerous Note-Keeping Applications available to ease our daily life by making a pen and paper obsolete. But still “Google Keep” shines bright amongst its competitors like Evernote or OneNote. It is believed Evernote and OneNote are great for storing heavy notes permanently but “Google Keep” shines brightly for daily use purposes like preparing a grocery list or noting down some daily tasks or preparing a checklist.

Although “Google Keep” is around since 2013, but it has started to show its real presence from 2018 with better features like pining particular keywords or adding images and stickers to your notes. But its most significant advantage lies in its free accessing from numerous devices like Android, iOS and on computers. You can start to prepare a list of your daily tasks on your phone and access it on your laptop at the real time. It makes the users day quite easy as it does not bound you to the similar device to access your notes.

You can link “Google Keep” with your Gmail inbox which creates a virtual task managing force within your handset. Through this you can simultaneously prepare your to-do list while exploring your emails and create notes directly it turns out to be a time-efficient process and a handy tool for daily life.

Capable of Pinning Notes

“Google Keep” provides users with an excellent option to pin any important notes which put the pinned notes on the top of the rest. When we save any note it creates different cards but sometimes we require accessing the note quickly and don’t want to scroll till we find it, so merely pin the desired note so that when next time you wish to have a look at your note, it is situated right at the top to ease your accessibility.

Capable of taking voice dictations

Google keep has a convenient feature to take voice dictations and typing notes for you. By using this feature, the user can reduce the amount of time and effort to make notes and makes his task easy. One can dictate his notes and can do his other tasks side-by-side like you can prepare your grocery list while cooking dinner.

Availability of Find option

Sometimes we want to add a word or a phrase which we are not sure of; Keep comes with a handy Search tool which can help you find the correct word that you are looking for. It is not at all similar to searching for a word on a search engine as on a search engine you receive entire list of links where such a word is used instead we only have to look for the word and not every article or document where that word is used. So “Find the option” comes quite handy and helps in finding the exact word that we are looking.

Capable of editing text out of an image

By using this feature, one can directly copy/extract text from an image by the Google’s Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR). OCR extracts the text present in the image, and we can edit it in real time. One can use different fonts and styles by scanning the image and use it to improve their notes and make it more presentable.

So, Google Keep is mainly an interesting Note keeping application for someone who requires basic note papering; Keep is quite simple to use and a very user-friendly application which does not require much expertise to prepare constructive notes. The user can create reminders in various ways, and according to his needs, he can opt for his preferred usage.

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